As we continue to work thru the recent meeting changes, we have released the next phase of updates in the app to improve the meeting experience.  The new update includes the following features:

  • New online meeting routines that are added to My Day will automatically be added as repeating routines that include all instances of the selected meeting's schedule.  
    • This will ensure that routines will always have the correct meeting link.  
    • You will notice that you receive a notification for each meeting.  If you don't wish to attend the meeting on all scheduled days, simply disregard the notification.
  • You will not be able to edit/delete individual meetings from the My Day schedule.  We are still working on this feature and hope to have it released soon.  For now, all meeting routines will be managed as a recurring routine.
  • All recurring online meeting routines that were created prior to the recent changes in the schedule will be automatically ended.  
    • This is being done to eliminate confusion and ensure the most recent links are included in all My Day routines. 
    • You will still be able to see your past routines if you scroll back thru your calendar
    • You can add the new meetings as routines to your My Day screen from the Online tab.
    • The following message will be shown if your routines were impacted:  
      "Some of your repeating online meeting routines are for online meetings that no longer happen at the same time or in the same meeting room. To avoid confusion, those routines have been removed from your schedule.  You can add new online meetings to your schedule by visiting the Online tab. We apologize for any inconvenience!"  
  • The following issue(s) have been resolved:
    • The app creating duplicate routines when adding meetings from the Online tab.
  • The following issue(s) are still being investigated by our engineering team:
    • The app displays an error message tapping 'Join' from the Online tab if the meeting already exists on the My Day screen.  If this occurs, you can join the meeting by tapping on the routine on the May Day screen.

Be sure to update your app through your phone's app store to ensure you are using the most current version!

As always, we appreciate your patience as we continue to make improvements to the app and our online meetings.  If you have any questions, please let us know.