The online support meetings are non-denominational, not specific to any program or recovery path, and open to anyone dealing with mental health, substance use or any other quality of life concerns.


All of the support meetings are led by Certified Peer Specialists who have had similar experiences and can provide hope and support.


The meetings can be accessed within the app from the 'Online' tab.  If there is a meeting in progress, just click 'Join' to immediately go to the meeting.  You can also add a future meeting to your routines for later in the day.  More information on accessing the meetings in the app can be found here.

Things to note about the meetings:

  • Meetings are scheduled to last one hour
  • Use of your video is optional 
  • Sharing is optional
  • Microphones should be muted unless sharing to reduce background noise
  • Attendees should be respectful of others as in any other meeting or recovery space
  • Meetings use Zoom video conferencing software, which is free.  If you don't have a Zoom account, you can create one here

Note:  When joining a meeting from the app, you must be signed into your Zoom account in order to join the meeting. 

Additional information about the online support meetings including meeting times can be found here.

If you have additional questions, you can contact Customer Support via email at, by phone at 888-425-4605, or by using the chat icon in the lower right corner of this screen.