Creating a WEconnect account is quick, easy and available to anyone with a smartphone!

To create your account:

  1. On your smartphone, download the WEconnect app by using the links below or by downloading the app from your phone's app store. Search for 'WEconnect Recovery', and you'll know you have the correct app when you see our logo:  
  2. Once the app downloads and installs, open it to begin the account setup process.

  3. Tap the 'Create an account' button.

  4. After reviewing the Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy, tap 'Next' if you agree. 

  5. Enter your cell phone number and tap 'Next' to receive a four-digit verification code. 

    The 4 digit verification code will come through as a text message to the number you provided. You will enter that 4 digit code on the next screen.

  6. If you have a rewards code provided by your insurance company, healthcare provider, or employer - tap 'Yes'. Otherwise tap 'No' and skip to step 9 below to create a free account.  You will be able to check your insurance eligibility after creating your account.

  7. If you selected "Yes" enter the Rewards Code that you were provided - the code is not case sensitive - then tap 'Next'. 
  8. Enter your first name, last name, and birthday, then tap 'Create Account'.  

  9. Welcome to WEconnect!  When ready, tap ‘Get started’ 

  10. The next screen asks you to allow notifications in order to receive reminders to check in to your routines.  Tap ‘Allow’. 
  11. The next screen displays a motivational quote to enjoy.  Swipe up on the screen to dismiss it and move on to the 'My Day' screen.

  12. If you created your account using a Rewards Code, skip to step 14 to finish setting up your profile.

    If you DID NOT use a Rewards Code to create your account, add your insurance information to see if your plan is eligible to unlock additional benefits.  Tap 'Add health insurance' under 'Eligible for an upgrade'. 
    NOTE:  You will need your insurance member ID for this step. If you don't have it with you now, you can skip to Step 14 and add this information later.

  13. Enter your insurance provider, state, member ID, and personal information exactly as it appears on your health insurance card.  Tap 'Next' at the bottom of the screen to see if your insurance is participating.  If not, don't worry - you can still use the free version of the app!

  14. Click the 'Add profile information' to complete your WEconnect profile.

Congratulations! You have successfully created your WEconnect account.

There is a 'Learn More' section located at the bottom of the 'My Day' page.  Review this helpful information to get familiar with the app.  You can also review our Help Center to find more detailed information on how to setup and use the app.

If you need additional assistance, please contact customer support via email at, by phone at 888-425-4605, or by using the chat icon in the lower right corner of this screen.