WEconnect is a mobile app that supports mental health and recovery.  It keeps you on track with your goals by helping you grow healthy routines into healthy habits!

There are a variety of program options: 

  • A free version available to everyone.

  • A Subscription option that provides one on one access to Certified Peer Specialists.

  • Programs through insurance plans, healthcare providers, or employers.

 Features common to all versions of the WEconnect app include:

  • Ability to create and track healthy routines
    • Receive daily reminders to complete routines.
    • Track progress.
  • Ability to attend virtual support meetings
    • Access to free online meetings at the touch of a button.
    • Support for anyone with mental health, recovery, or other quality of life concerns.
    • Track/send attendance proof within the app.

Accounts that are eligible through a participating insurance plan, healthcare provider or employer may also include:

  •  1:1 Peer Support
    • Access Certified Peer Specialists directly within the app*.
  • Ability to earn rewards
    • Rewards positive behavior change to support recovery from substance use disorder (SUD).
    • Earn gift cards by checking into scheduled routines*.

            *Available with some programs.

You can find more information on our various account types here.

WEconnect is not connected with any specific treatment or recovery program.  All programs and recovery plans are welcome and work with the app.  And your data is secure and stored to HIPAA Standards.

If you have additional questions, contact Customer Support via email at support@wec.health, by phone at 888-425-4605, or by using the chat icon in the lower right corner of this screen.