Our engineering team is working hard on integrating the recent online meeting changes into the app.  We've made a few adjustments to try to ensure that:

  • You are directed to the correct meeting link
  • You have access to an accurate meeting schedule
  • Your meeting routine is counted as completed on the My Day screen
  • Your attendance is recorded in your Meeting Attendance Record on the Insights tab

Below is a list of recent changes that you will notice in the app, as well as some challenges you may encounter tips on on how you can work around them while we continue to work on a solution.

  • When you check into a meeting from the My Day screen, you may be directed to the Online tab in the app instead of into the meeting directly.  If you are routed to the Online tab, you just need to tap the 'Join' button to access the meeting that is in progress.  This will ensure that the correct link is used so that you will be directed into the correct virtual meeting room.
  • Some members may see an error when tapping the 'Join' button that states 'You already have a routine at this time.'  If this happens, you will need to delete the original routine on the My Day tab and then return to the Online tab and tap 'Join' again.  Directions on deleting a routine can be found here.
  • Also, when you tap 'Join' from the Online tab to access the meeting, you may notice that a new routine is created on your My Day screen.  This routine is marked with a green check mark to show that the routine is complete.  This is done to ensure that the routine is counted towards your program progress and that the meeting will be listed on the Attendance Verification Record on the Insights tab.   We are aware that this will sometimes result in two routines for the same meeting, but this ensures that the meeting will count as a completed routine.  
  • Because of the duplicate routines, you also may notice that your Attendance Verification Record has multiple entries listed for the same meeting.  If that happens, follow these instructions to select only the meetings that you wish to include in your attendance record email.

We know that these recent changes have been a challenge, and we appreciate your continued patience as we work on solutions.